Scientific Program
International Conference

Cassino, June 3rd, 2003
Napoli, June 4th and 6th, 2003
Salerno, June 5th, 2003

Organized by:
Università di Napoli Federico II
Università di Salerno
2a Università di Napoli
Università di Cassino



It's about ten years that, with an attitude to co-operation and friendship, there has been a continuous and fruitful collaboration between Spanish and Italian professors of the Faculties of Engineering. These professors are devoted, in their countries, both for didactic and research aims, to the cultural fields of Engineering Design, Industrial Drawing and Graphic Engineering. Aims and results of the previous initiatives represent also an important and solid contribute to the constitution of a unique and integrated european university system, according to the directions given by the Rectors Conference of European Universities in the meetings of Sorbona, Bologna, Salamanca and Praga.
The operative and significant participating of Italian Professors in Ingenieria Grafica, Ingegraf, Spanish Association Conferences and vice versa the participating of Spanish Professor in the ones of Associazione Italiana Disegno di Macchine, ADM, together with the joint and ratified acceptance of two national languages in use during the scientific meetings and the numerous cultural exchanges within the Erasmus Project constitute the first and concrete results.In 1996, 1998, and 2000 three Italo-Spanish monothematic seminaries have been organized succesfully. The scientific results are widely documented in the respective proceedings.

The third Italo-Spanish seminary in Bilbao, Basque provinces, in June 2000 has been opened also to Latin American Professors who are moved by common cultural interests, but also by affection and esteem towards Italian and Spanish colleagues. Portugal could take part, in the near future, to this fruitful collaboration. Afterwards, in accordance with the two Associations, it has been established to take the first joint Conference of ADM and INGEGRAF in Naples, in the 4th, 5 th and 6 th of June, 2003. Professor Francesco Caputo of the University of Naples Federico II, actually President of National Board of Italian Professors belonging to SSD ING-IND/15, Disegno e Metodi dell'Ingeneria Industriale, has had the honour to act as chairman at the Organizing Committee of the Congress. As President of the Scientific Committee it has been proposed the Professor Javier Muniozguren, who is the President of INGEGRAF and Director de La Escuela Superior de Ingenieros of Bilbao, Basque provinces. The "Centro Museale" of University of Naples Federico II, kindly granted by the University Rector Professor Guido Trombetti, will be the seat of the Conference. The opening Ceremony will take place into the historic and suggestive Hall of Royal Mineralogy Museum. The First Plenary Invited Lecture will be held by Professor Jose Luis Encarnação, Director of Fraunhofer I.G.D. of Darmstad, also founder and President of Board of Directors of INI-GraphicsNet Foundation. Other Invited Lectures will be held by Professor Vito Cardone, Dean of Engineering Faculty in Salerno, by Professor Xoan Leiceaga Baltar of the University of Vigo, Galizia and by Dr. Domenico Martorana, Director and Administrator of ELASIS S.C.p.A., FIAT Group Research Centre, the main foundation for private research in the South of the Italy.
The scientific topics of the Conference will concern the Theory and the Methodologies of Representation and the Design, with a particular reference to the supporting role held by technologies relating to informatics. Particular attention will be addressed to papers dealing with the use of Virtual Reality in Design, the Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Techniques, the Tolerance and Assembly Design, the Ergonomic Design, the use of CAx (Computer Aided Everything) Techniques, together with the Design Activities for Product Development, also in biomechanics, in archaeology and in the area relating to museum activities.
It is foreseen that about three hundred scholars will take part to the Conference. They mainly come from Spain and Italy, but also from the Portugal, from other European countries and from the Latin American countries. Taking into account also the accompanying persons, that will be numerous because of the cultural and tourist attraction of the sites where the Conference will take place, we foresee a global number of about five hundred participants. The accepted papers to be presented in parallel thematic sessions, will be about eighty. The same number of scientific contributes are going to be showed in poster sessions. Each work will carefully be screened by the Scientific Committee to assure high quality in the contributes.

The invited lectures and the scientific contributes into the programme will be published with an ISBN code, on paper or on digital support. The Proceedings of the Conference will be available at the opening section, and they will be distributed to the registered members.

The temporary programme of the works foresees on June, the 3th, 2003, at the University of Cassino a monothematic Seminary on Reverse Engineering. The day after (June, the 4th, 2003) in the Hall of Royal Mineralogy Museum the starting ceremony will take place with the presentation of the two first invited lectures.
On June the 5th, 2003, the Conference will continue at the University of Salerno with other two invited lectures and the presentation of other papers in parallel sessions. On June the 6th, 2003, the Conference will pursue at the "Centro Museale" of University of Naples Federico II, with the poster session. The Conference will finish the same day with the Ending Ceremony.

The announcement will be advertised by ADM and INGEGRAF Associations, by university centres, and by other associations which are going to organise the Conference. Suitable Links will be possible between web sites belonging to the collaborating boards and the site arranged at the University of Naples Federico II.